Llana of Gathol and John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1977)


"John Carter of Mars" is a captivating science fiction series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, following the adventures of John Carter, a Civil War veteran mysteriously transported to the red planet Barsoom. In this Martian world, Carter encounters diverse civilizations, including the Red Martians and Green Martians, engaging in thrilling conflicts and political intrigue. The series is renowned for its imaginative world-building, action-packed storytelling, and the enduring romance between John Carter and the Martian princess Dejah Thoris.

"Llana of Gathol" is a collection of four science fiction stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, part of the Barsoom series. Published in 1948, the book is a continuation of the adventures of John Carter on Mars where he faces new challenges and encounters exotic civilizations on the red planet.

Hardcover in good condition. Dust jacket in intact with some light shelf wear. Published in 1977 by Nelson Doubleday, Inc

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